It may finally be time to welcome the Boy Scouts of America into the twenty-first century. The recent decision to open up the Boy Scouts to transgender boys is a major accomplishment worthy of applause. more

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While marriage equality became a reality for all Americans in June of 2015, opposition to the ruling has grown fervently. Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee plan to lead a bill called the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) this year. more

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Bathroom Ban Enforcement

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Though support for the LGBTQ community has risen greatly in recent years, we have also seen a rise in steep opposition as well. Though more laws were passing to ensure equal rights, bills are also being introduced throughout America to limit these. more

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California Travel Ban

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California has now joined five other states in banning all non-essential state-funded travel to North Carolina in response to the anti-LGBT “bathroom bill” which bans transgender people from using the bathroom they identify with. more

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Interview in progress

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A firm handshake and eye contact are very important factors in the interview process; however, those two things are not all that makes for a good interview. “Rapport” is a form of interpersonal chemistry that many employers desire and seek out. more

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Cocktail Snowflake

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Baby, it’s cold outside! When you're drunk, you feel nice and warm. However, it's best to leave your "beer jacket" at home and put on a real coat when you step into the tundra after a holiday party. It just might save your life. more

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As Americans (and humans), we often to fall into the trap of viewing the world through an "either-or" lens. Fighting the easy binary of “either-or,” let's expand our solution set by dwelling in a better paradigm of “And-Also.” more

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The Magician

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Jim Sisley & Lisa Strout run Tryst Gallery in Leesburg. Tryst Gallery has the potential to become a unique community hub where art, commerce and education intersect in a way that will benefit artists, art lovers and the local economy. more

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Billie Jean King

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This fall, the Virginia Commonwealth University’s College of Humanities and Sciences hosted tennis legend Billie Jean King in Richmond where she gave a moving talk about her journey as a woman, as an athlete and as a member of the LGBTQ community. more

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Gaetan Dugas

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Gaëtan Dugas is most famously known as “The Man Who Gave Us AIDS,” a title given to him by an article published in The New York Post. However, he has finally been cleared of this unfair and dishonest title by a study published in the journal, Nature. more

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