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NOVA Pride

For generations, prom has been the quintessential rite of passage for high school students across America. However, "a lot of LGBTQ+ students are sort of deterred by the idea of a traditional prom setting..." Blair Smith explained. more

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Rural Virginia

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As if middle school didn’t already offer enough problems, Gage had concerns about how others would react if they were to find out that he was gay. “I was afraid of what could have happened if I said I was a gay male. more

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Statue of Liberty

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Outside New York's JFK airport, dressed in my native shalwar-kamiz, the baggy shirt and trousers, I turned around to see if someone was watching, lest they think of me as crazy and I kissed the U.S soil. more

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Sesha Moon

Sesha Moon

Storytelling can help to move the cultural needle by educating and encouraging others to recognize the beauty and benefit of trying to love someone that is considered different than you. more

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Every year around this time, I reflect upon my time with my best friend, my companion, and the greatest love of my life. more

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The concept of love—like people who experience it—comes in all different colors and varieties. Ashley Moody is a pleasant reminder that love’s complex beauty is its inherent inability to conform to the notion that one size fits all. more

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Path in Woods

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What we want our world to look like is directly related to the choices we each make. To choose love and compassion takes what I call “courageous vulnerability.” more

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Amanda Hallesjo

A lot of people think that being in a relationship is the best part of their lives. I believe they’re wrong. more

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Emotional Intelligence Button

What’s your couple emotional intelligence? After all—isn’t emotion the glue that brought you together? Given all the feelings we must navigate together and separately, it seems a bit of a miracle that we ever get together, let alone stay together. more

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Spencer Sweat


Gay couples having babies has become the norm… but what about a transgender man who has been given the opportunity to use his own eggs to have a biological baby. Science has now allowed transgender people to be biological parents to their own kids. more

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